Felipe Ribeiro

Felipe Ribeiro has a Bachelor Degree in English Language from Bahia Federal University (UFBA) in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He worked as a teacher at an extension course of the Department of Germanic Languages of our Institute and as a temporary teacher for the same Department for two years, and has been giving private lessons and working as a secondary school teacher at Colégio Anchieta for nearly four years. Being especially interested in the unceasing spread of English throughout the world and its political, cultural and pedagogical significance to the Brazilian context, he became a member of the research group entitled “English as a Lingua Franca: Criticism, Attitude and Identity”, coordinated by Professor Domingos Sávio Siqueira. He is especially interested in investigating how the teaching of English has been happening in diverse contexts (private, public and academic scenarios) under the perspective of ELF. Feel free to contact him and share ideas: felipejprf.pc@gmail.com