Transcription 2

Context: Touristic Place

Place: Beach

Situation: They get to meet each other on the beach and start interacting. Recording starts at the moment researcher finds the possibility.

{Brazilian music playing all along the conversation}{sea waves sound and parallel conversation during the interaction}

Time: 05:54min
Words: 1376


S1: what the most famous thing did you (her){heard} about it?

S2: about salvador?

S1: yes?

S2: or about bahia in

S3:  <1>yeah.the history of bahia.</1> like the culture like. yeah

S2: <1> <un> xxx</un> like </1>

S1: =uhum.the music?

S3: yeah the capital. the cultural capital(.)  so

S4: why you decide to:: <2>stay with vacation </2>here

S1: <2><@> that´s an interview. </@></2>

Sx: <2> @@  i speak (english) very (2)fast (.)</2>i can try

S3: no?

S2: <3>but we don´t stay for too long</3>

S1: <3>@@@ <L1pt> interessante  </L1pt> {interesting}</3>

S4: <3><to s5> she is a teacher teacher English </to s5> </3>

S2/s3: yeah

S1: <3><to s5> <L1pt>eu fiquei curiosa pra saber o que elas. <L1pt></to s5></3>{i got curious to know what they.}

S2: <3>because we hated there</3> so well but .

S1: in canada(.) where do you live in canada?

S2: montreal?

S1: montreal. speak french

S2/S3: =yes

S1: <points to S5>. she wants to learn . <4> French @@@ </4></points to S5>.

S3/S2: <4>=yeah </4>

S5: =yeah i do want to learn french. 

S1: @@

S2/S3: yeah?

S3: you want actually it is real

S2: <LNptbr> se você fala português é muito fácil de aprender <LNptbr>{if you speak portuguese is really easy to learn}

SX: aham @

S3: <4> <LNptbr> e a mesma coisa que aprender <LNptbr><4> {it is the same thing than learning}

S2: hum… @

S1: <5> how could it gets in the winter<5>

S4: <5><L1pt> você acha muito fácil de aprender </L1pt> </5>{do you think really easy to learn?} REALLY?

S2/S3: @@@@

S1: GIR:LS:: what´s your name?

S2: [S2]

S3: [S3]

S4: [S4]

S1: [S5]

Sx: nice to meet you girls:

S2: nice to meet you

S4: nice to meet you.

S3: wer (.) we like all the (commute) {community}

S2: =yeah @@@@


S1: so:(.) how cold it gets in montreal

S2: ahm

S1: how cold ?

S3: too cold.

S2: <soft>too cold yeah </soft>

S1: <6> i used to live in Chicago</6>

Sx: <6>minus forty two </6>

S1: <6>i am trying to compare</6>

S2: @@ chicago must be better

S3: <7>=yeah</7>

S2: <7>=yeah</7>

S1: minus twenty eight that´s the. the worse i got in chicago

Sx: mhm

S2: that´s the same (.) oo yeah that´s what we have in the winter

S4: really?(soft)

S3: =yeah

S1: the worst thing is there there is the the wind?

S3: the win?


S2: ow yeah

S3: yeah

S1: it´s wind city(.)

S2: =yeah

S3: =yeah

S1: it´s awful it´s terrible its aaarrr

S2: yeah me too it’s the (worst thing)

S2: you live you are going to live there or (2)

S1: no i already did @@@

S2: ow you already did? ok

S1: yeah

S2: ow that´s nice (.)

S1: three years

S3: three years?

S1: <soft>=uhum </soft>

S2: well that´s good(.)

S3: i got new i got like (.) more than six months of cold so(.) when we want to travel we want to have some su:n

S2: <8>yeah </8>

S1: <8>uhum </8>

Sx: <8> yeah</8>

S4: <9><soft>you want hear music? </soft></9>

S1: <9>it´s kind of getting ok </9>the weather there now right?

S3: hummm yeah (.)

S1: end of may:. june :(2)

S2: <10>well. </10>

S3: <10>=not(.) Not this year.</10>

S2: <10>=according to our friends it´s not. @@@<10>

S3: =it´s like sixteen degrees of {hell} well  <11> <@>oh my god.</@> </11>

S1: <11> i(.) i will never </11> forget one year i think was twen(.) two thousa:nd two? then: we got (.) er snow (.)in the first week of june (?)

S3: = june (?) oh my god <12> i would cry. </12>

S1: <12>i couldn´t believe it (.)</12> i said

S3:  = oh my god ?

S1: i said this is crazy

S3: i would cry so much<@> like</@>

S1: this is (.) < toS5> <L1pt>como é que eu falo aberração da natureza eu falava direto </L1pt> { how do you say freak of nature i said it commonly}

Sx: <13> @ </13>

S1:  <13>that´s arrr </13>

SX: não sei we don´t know how <14>to say <L1pt>aberração<L1pt><14>

S1: <14> i was.  i was so fed up on my third  year there? </14>

S3/S2:  <14>@@@@@  </14>

S1:  <14> i was.  </14> i said i can´t wait to go home @

S2: but you know even if you are born there(.) you never get too [soon]@

S3: =yeah .

(music playing) (3)

S3: humm (2) so you all live in salvador?


S3: e(.) you always lived in salvador ow

S1: no i am here for seven years now

S3: =ok

S2: =ah ok

S4: i lived (.) in brighton a long time ago

S2: <15>ok </15>

S3: <15>where(?)</15>


S3: ok

S4: but a long time ago.

S3: ok.

S5: i’ve been living here for five years now i am from the south

S2: ok.

S5: south of brazil <sniffing>

S3: and before (?)

S4: i am [always] i lived here

S3: ok

S3/S4: @@@

S3: and you(?)(.) before(?)

S1: ow before (?)

S3: =yeah.

S1: ahm my family is in the south of bahia (?)

S2: =ok

S3: =ok

S1: ilhéus (.) itabuna (.)

S2: =aham

S1: a:nd (4) i  (3) i am (.) <15>thinking now (.)let me see</15>

S4: <loud><15>[firstname1] </15><loud>

S1: i left ita(.) i left there (.) it´s been more than fifteen years now

S2: yeah.

S1: [but] i used to live in rio (?)

S2: aham

S1:  for five years?

S3: yeah

S2: did you like it (?)

S1: ahm (.) i prefer rio only for visiting (2) not for <16> living there </16>

S2/S3: <16>ok </16>

S1: <16> for visiting (.) not for living there (.) no </16>

S4: ok why?

S1: ahm it´s a (ufff) (2) ahm (2) how can I sa:y. the violence there <17>(.) is (.)</17>

S2: <17>ow</17>

S1: big (2) a::nd i think people here is mo:re (.) laid back a little bit @@

S2: <18>=yeah</18>

S3: <18>=yeah</18>

S1: a::nd (2) i am so in love with the bahia culture (?)

S2: yeah

S1: music and everything (.) i couldn´t  imagine myself living there for longer than (2)

S3:= ah ok

S1: i was there but i (.)  thinking about coming back all the time (.) cause my family is here too  so i (.) i don´t (.)

S2: <19>=yeah</19>

S3: <19>=yeah</19>

S1: i think that (.) was (.) one of the reason that i didn´t want to stay there.

S2: yeah that´s crazy (.) but it´s such a bigger <20> [thing] (.) like </20>  

S1: <20>it´s a (.) it´s a bigger </20> bigger  city than salvador

S2: yeah

S1:  i think it´s a (.) it´s (2)

S2: not it´s true

S1:  more traffic there than here: (?)

S3: the vibe is really (.) really different yeah

S1: people like to DRINK MUCH (?)

S3: <21>yeah drink</21>

S1: <21>than here </21>

S3: <21>and get to the (.)</21> yeah it´s really different 

S1: the culture of <22><L1pt>botequim</L1pt></22>?

S2: <22>=yeah</22>

S1: </22>it´s like a bar</22> with people drinking beer all the time it´s very strong and nightlife is very <23>strong</23>

S2: </23>=yeah</23>

S1: i (.) i think i am (.) i am a day person. @ maybe i didn´t get used to the (.)

S3: yeah

S2: no. but you feel in rio that´s it´s always like alive. everywhere like there are something happening and. i kind of like that feeling? but at the same time i understand that living there must be like (.) <24>exhausting .</24>

S3: <24>=yeah</24>

S1: yeah(.) so I have very great friends of mine living there now but i go(.)s(.) for visiting and <25>work @@ (.)<25>

S2: <25> @@ </25>

S1: and come back

S2: and this i [and get] (.)i am from guadalupe? do you know?

S1: guadalupe (?)

S2: yeah french <un>xxx </un> so (2) i like tv like this on the bea::ch and is really slow::  so:

S4: =it´s kind of get (.) great (2) yeah

S1: but it´s a beautiful gorgeous (.) rio is beautiful <26> (.)  it´s naturally beautiful</26> oh? (2) everywhere you look (.)

S2: <26>yeah<26>

S3: <26>yeah<26>

S4: <23> <loud><L1pt> [firstname1] eu queria mais uma cerveja </L1pt></loud></23>{[firstname1] i would like one more beer}

S1: <23>it´s like how nature was @@ </23>

S2: hum (?)



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