Transcription 1

Context: Language Practicing Group

Place: Federal University of Bahia

Situation: They meet to practice English and start talking about Jamaican accent.

Time: 32 seconds 
Words: 139


S1: a while so aah (.) Canadian so:

S2: Yeah it <fast>this what happens</fast> most times when Jamaica:ns are (1) many persons (.) hmm most times when they move to another country the:y (.) adapt the accent from that country

S1: Oh yeah sure

S2: So (.) hmm but we don’t LOse o:ur (.) natural accent (.) <1> it is </1> just (.) it’s natural <fast>for us to talk</fast> like (.) persons umm (.) after spend much time <2> with them </2> (.) so:

S1: <1> mhm </1>  <2> mhm </2> so if I go to Jamaica I- I- I would you think do you think  I gonna have any problem? <3> any trouble? </3> <4> e::r </4>

S2: <3> <loud> no:: </loud>  </3> <4> nowhere </4> your English is GOOD @@

S1: mhm

S2: so after a while:  

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