Transcription 10

Context: Language Practicing Group


Place: Federal University of Bahia


Situation: They meet to practice English and start talking about some aspects of their lives

Time: 7:43min

Words: 1273


S1: so what’s up how you guys? so ah can you introduce yourself?

S2: my name is [S2] I study chemical engineering here

S1: wow?

S2: so <to S3> xxxxxx </to S3> hopefully this is my last semester (.) is the one that i graduate <to S3> open the on my cell phone please </to S3> so: i like to play brazilian jiu-jitsu


S2: oh it is not play it is like <1>to be  practice practice</1>

S3: <1>wewewe practice yeah practice</1> yeah

S2: so: and i love to play jazz

S1: JAZZ (.) that’s good (.)

S3: well but (2) have you been (3) doing much xxxx for a long time

S2: almost four years

S1: four years?

S2: yeah almost

S1: wow that’s good

S2: and i’m a blue belt, <to S3>shoping barra</to S3>  the second the second belt

S1: the second belt

S2: that’s it. but in my opinion I’m close to the third belt

S1:the third belt the third belt? which one is the black one=

S2: =black

S1:  i i suppose and i:

S2: after purple it is brown

S1: and them…

S2: black

S1: right(.) GOOD so it means that we mhm you really like a a approach is very quickly in brazilian jiu-jitsu it take takes some time to get there=

S2: =yes because it is only five belts right? for adults so white blue purple brown and black

S1: and black

S2: it usually takes a long a time but you know there are some: skilled guys can get faster

S1: wow. and is it stiff?

S2: stiff?

S1: like hard to

S2: yeah (.) it is really hard. it is a do you know how is brazilian jiu jitsu?

S1: i know (.) i have a friend of mine when (3) when we were at school he practices it mhm but (.) he left to practice a chinese kung-fu=

S2: =chinese kung-fu

S1: so it is not that chinese kung-fu is harder than brazilian jiu-jitsu but we have more mhm: we use more like faces and and i like to do maybe stylish to the the movements not(.) like(.) the the ground stiff that how we do=

S2: =yeah

S1: mhm and ah brazilian jiu-jitsu but it’s (most) (a) very very very good to take down your pound but brazilian jiu-jitsu is like something to mhm(2) to add to be like a to add consistency to the much actioners practioners so i think it’s it was good he showed me some moves(.) then mhm he showed me (.) how can i say? the mhm efficiency of the movies you know in the ground

S3: the efficiency

S2: the efficiency=

S1: it is really good

S3: yeah


S1: like it doesn’t matter how tall you are, how:

S3: no <2>no no</2>=

S1:= <2>if I’m shape</2> or not=

S3: =no no no

S1:=it doesn’t matter how to use it what really matter is <to S3>the moviments</to S3> when the the the opponents opponents mhm owns straight against himself

S3: yeah yeah yeah yeah

S2: some people say that Brazilian jiu-jitsu it is like the human chance

S1: the human chance?

S2: the human chance

S3: yeah

S1: THE HUMAN CHANCE and it is something that you had to react quickly

S2: yeah yeah

S3: for sure for sure for sure(3) I saw he he do action movies

S2: action movies?

S1: <3>yes</3>

S3: <3>yes</3>

S3: it is from facom

S2: how an actor?

S3: <4>YES </4>

S1: <4><un> xxxxxx<un></4>

S3: yes in facom he studied in facom do: action movies and he did a movie not without a lot of action this is the xxxxxx no?

S1: <un> xxxxxxxx </un>

S3: <un> xxxxxxx </un> it is about a a a guy from timor leste the other difficulties here in salvador to find a: a way to to went to the embassy to have the passport to travel to <L1ptbr> timor leste {east timor} </L1ptbr> but: is a guy from timor the name is miguel(2) miguel de deus and he did that movie about [firstname1] and that movie pass here in a festival (.) from from ufba and we have a lot of friends friends as schools public (.) public schools no? are public?

S1: no no not at all like we accepted movies from(3) all all all all countries <5>you know like</5>

S3: <5>yeah yeah</5>

S1: all the universities

S3: all the universities yes. in that movie mhm participates

S1: in the festival

S3: in the festival yeah

S1: and it is already another one like the the sesc the sesc movie festy movie both <un> xxxx </un>

S3: =ah yeah? and in this same this same festival no

S1: no in the same festival two movies

S3: oh I only saw I only saw one

S1: no no, this is like another one going to happen in june

S3: oh it will happen

S1: will happen

S3: oh cool cool cool that is good

S3: <L1>xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</L1>

S1: <LN> xxxxxxxxxx (german) </LN> i i <@>i i<@> <6>I’m not</6>

S3: <6>oh english english</6> english english english  no problem

S1: i i don’t speak gearman(.) as well he does (.) I could understand a little bit what you said=

S3: =yeah it is sure yeah

S1: but i i i’ll reply in english mhm

S4: speak french no problema

S1 : ah?

S4: no problem speak french french

S1 : ah? no this is this is=

S2: =they are learning french

S1: you try this one? yeah?

S2: yeah

S1: that’s good

S2: on duolingo

S1: <7>on duolingo</7>?

S5: <7>speak</7> speak naturally

S1: naturally?  

S5: how do you want yeah

S5: greek spanish

S1: while?

S5: yeah how do you want

S1: do you guys are going to to do transcription in ever language we speak?

S3: it is amazing 

S5: not exactly ah:: the activity of the: the project is in english

S1: <8> right </8>

S3: <8> right </8>

S5: but i understand in other language like spanish and french  i can understand (.) so: i will try to to get on the side so he is speaking french he is speaking german but it is it is ok (.)

S1: <9> right </9>

S3: <9> right </9>

S3: no problem

S5: it is a group to talk other languages so

S3: <un>xxxxx<un> that is very good(.) and i will let you do brazilian jiu jitsu we with(.) i i i hate people mhm in this picture call him jhey jhey <10> mhm </10>

S2: <10> yaeh </10>

S3: mhm if you are interesting in joining a cast a move cast you can talk to me and then you will be  you have a test and see how you go

S2: yeah I can see some record there are you have

S3 yeah <L1>xxxx </L1> at at eh: youtube

S1: <11> youtube </11>

S2: <11> youtube </11>

S1: i have something here i have something here

S2: ah: in the in cell phone yes?

S3: <L1> xxxxxxx</L1>

S1: <LN> xxxxxx(German) </LN>

S2: how many languages do you guys speak?

S3: six

S2: six?

S3: six yes

S1: i speak french english spanish mhm =

S3:  = man- mandarin

S1: i improve my mandarin i speak <LN>xxxxxxxxx(German) </LN> i speak very very not (.) i i am trying improve my mandarin and =

S2: = can you read can you write

S1: i can read (.) read and write

S3: yes yes reading

S2: awesome

S3: awesome

S1: i’m gonna show you

S2: <@>@@ <@>  

S3: awesome <@>@@<@> yes  

S1: thank you very much   

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