What is BraCE?

Brazil Corpus of English is a collection of language data constructed in Brazilian context, Salvador, Bahia, from which we can observe interactions among people from different origins using English as its main mean of communication. English as a Lingua Franca has been use all over the world to refer to Multilingual communication in which English is available as a contact language of choice, but not necessarily chosen (JENKINS, 2015).

So, for example, a student who comes to spend a year or two in Salvador and starts interacting with other international and national students using English or some tourists who come to visit Brazil start chatting in English to get information or just to share points of view may be a very fertile field of English as a Lingua Franca communication.

The corpus have been compiled in Salvador, Bahia, and it has the interest of providing empirical data to sociolinguistic researchers around Brazil and the world who will develop their studies based on source of natural linguistic interactions, other than the classroom. Implications of corpus based studies migh result in different research areas, suc as: pedagogical implications, inteligibility, accomodation, negotiation, lexical grammar diferences, among others.