Data Collection

The main goal of BraCE Project is to construct a ethnographic-liguistic corpus of interactions on ELF produced in Brazil in order to base researches of the most varied objectives. The idea is to have empirical data enough to make language analyses focused on what the speakers produce and how intelligility is constructed. From this objective, we aim at motivating different and varied researches about ELF in Brazil and make possible to have scientific dialogue with other scholars around the world who are also concerned with ELF.

So the Project is basically ethnographic as it focus on the development of ELF phenomenon instead of testing hypothesis or provide prescriptions (COGO; DEWEY, 2012). The recordings we make availabe in this site were collected in a sociolinguistic scenario which reflects a use of English as natural as it is possible among speakers from different nationalities. Following guidelines approved by Scientific Ethics Comittee from UFBA, three contexts have been used for this collection:

a) Poliglota group: A group of volunteers who get together twice a week at Federal University of Bahia campus with the goal of speaking English and meeting students from other countries.
b) Pedagogical meetings in bilingual schools in Salvador;
c) Local and casual interactions around the city, in tourism context.