Lucielen Porfirio

Lucielen Porfirio is a professor Department of Germanic Languages – Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). She has been teaching English for about 15 years. She also has MA in Linguistics from Paraná West State University (UNIOESTE) and a Phd in Language and Culture in Bahia Federal University (UFBA). Main research for PhD included the process of reading and its relation to communicative competence of language students (mother tongue), considering all the aspects that permeate language during classroom interactions and the reading process. However, right after finishing PhD, interests on studying English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) has increased and readings and researches on the relation of ELF and teaching context have been developed. Currently, her interests have been on the development of an empirical bases for ELF researches in Bahia and Brazil by the construction of a Corpus. This Project is called BraCE (Brasil Corpus of English), and as the main leader of the group, she has been developing meetings to discuss and reflect about all the topics envolving the construction of ELF Corpus - BraCE. If you may have any interest for discussions on these topics you can contact me by sending a message to: