Transcription 4

Context: Language Practice Group

Place: UFBA’s courtyard

Situation: They meet to practice English and start talking about themselves

Time: 8:52m
Words: 1670

{Other people talking during the whole conversation}

Comment: at 5:58 a parallel conversation starts and researchers have decided to focus on the transcription of main conversation based on the fact that “Wherever two or more conversational threads emerge which are too difficult to transcribe, as a general rule only the main thread of conversation is transcribed. The threads which are not transcribed are treated like a contextualevent and indicated between curly brackets { }” (VOICE, 2013).


S1: so nice (1) and wha-what are you guys going to study next year(?)

<childyell 2:32>

S2: <soft>  i will study farmacy </soft> 

S1: farmacy(?) <1> aaah </1>

S2: <soft>  <LNpq> <1> rio de janeiro </1> </LNptbr> </soft> 

S1: <LNptbr> rio de janeiro <LNptbr> (?) cool in the city (?) in the capital (?) or in <2>  (.) the state </2>(?)  

S2:<2> capital  </2>

S1: <2> oh cool </2> so nice. and you(?)

S2: <soft>  <2> <spel> U F R J </spel>  </2> </soft> 

S3: ah <fast> business administration </fast> in <ipa> mina:s </ipa> 

S1: in minas(?) in belo horizonte(?)=

<childyell 2:53>

S3: =belo horizonte

S1: yeah <ipa> boaz {but} </ipa> i’ve never been to rio <@> neither. to. belo. horizonte. </@> <3> @@ </3>

S2: <3> @@ </3>

S1: but i think it’s cool=

S2: <soft>  =it’s cool  </soft>

S1: specially rio people say it’s cool (2) <4> rio(?) </4>

Sx: <4> no don’t </4>

S1: have you been to rio(?)

Sx: no, <ipa> ‘nev’e </ipa>

S1: an :and belo horizonte(?)

Sx: <ipa> ‘nev’e </ipa> too

S1:<fast>  me neither  <fast>

Sx: @@

S1: i have i @@ i can’t say anything about it. (3) but it probably be cool (2) that guy who came here is from rio

S2: he is from <LNptbr> rio </LNptbr>

S1: yeah (3) he is from rio and he is studying here

S3: what course do he do(?)

S1:  anh: um: <L1ptbr> letras {language} </L1ptbr>

S2: <L1ptbr> letras {language} </L1ptbr>

S1: unhum (2) i study french

S2: <soft> french </soft>

S3: aaahh <5> tell me the languages </5> you speak

Sx1: <5> @@@ </5>

S1: i <slow> i can speak </slow> <camera noise> spanish=

S2: =spanish

S1:<6> ahm: </6>

S3: <6> fluent </6> yeah(?) you’re fluent

S1: spanish(?) yeah yeah (1) in in spanish ahm:: french i am not i am not like super fluent in french but i know it an::d

S2: you can understand=

S1: yeah= and english and russian

S2: russian(?)

S1: yeah

S2: wOw

{everybody laughs}

S1: what about you(?) because people from africa also are polyglots <7> they no many many </7> languages it’s like crazy

S3: <7> there we speak </7>

S2: only <8> local languages </8> like african languages

S3: <8> local languages </8>

S1: no but even though it is a language so @@

S2: @@

S3: i don’t think so

{someone arrives and a parallel conversation starts}

S1: hello hi

SX-1: @@@

S1: hi

SX-2: can i join(?)

S1: yeah of course

SX-1: of <pvc> kossi {course} </pvc>  <9> @@ </9>

S1: <9> @@ </9>

SX-3:  what about me(?)

S1: yeah you too

{everybody laughs}

S1: ok so go on with the languages

S3: local languages (.) i speak about four local languages

S1: FOUR(?)

S3: yeah

S1: oh my go::d which one(?)

S3: am <L1de> twi </L1de> eh:: <L1xx> xxxx </L1xx>  eh: my local language (2) <L1xx>  xxxx </L1xx>

S1: ah

S3: and <L1de> ga </L1de>

S1: ga(?)

S3: ga

S3: cause the capital speaks it the <10> language speak </10>

S1: <10> mhm </10>

S1: and this all: all those languages all spoken all in in your country(?)

S3: yeah

S2: have about  fifty languages local languages

S1: @

S2: but this is like different regions different regions (.) and there are languages <un> xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx < /un>

{parallel conversation starts between SX1 and SX2 5:19}

S1: and the they are like beca because i know more or like ganah on the map is not like so: huge like

S3: yah @@

S1: oh my god

S3: every regions has its language like salvador

S1: mhm yeah @@

S3: you have different language

S1: that’s cool that’s cool

S2: but offical language is english

S1: and how do people: (.) preserve those languages(?) because (2) it’s like ok you don’t worry about it(?)

S2: {that’s the people the language}

S1: because people use it every day so=

S3: everyday =

S1: there is no like fear to: that english is going to be the official language and people will forget this language

S3: english is for only {rejectures} like the right pla:ce <un> xxx </un>

S1: ah mhm

S3: but in ghana we all speak your local language

S1: ah ok like with your parents with your <soft> friends </soft> (3) and what if it’s be in house apparently actually it’s a person in who doesn’t speak it(?)

S3: oh you have to know that this person doesn’t understand you speak that

S1: then you speak english=

S3:= then you speak english

S1: so when when you go: you are on the streets don’t know the person you speak in english(?)

S2: <soft> i speak in english </soft>

S1: and then you say what language do you speak(?) and then you speak it

S2: speak it

S3: easier ok can you speak this language

S1: ah:: ok ok ok ok (2) nice (2)  i understand

S2: <soft>  it’s kinda cool </soft>

S1: yeah i think it’s very cool (1) and wha-what about like young about kids(?) how how is it for them to speak  (.) to be contact with five different languages at the same time(?) {typing} they mix everything

S2: they don’t mix it

S1: NO(?)

S2: they speak fluently

S1: oh my god that’s crazy @@@

SX4: <L1ptbr> (Filipe 7:14) </L1ptbr>

S1: ah

SX4: < L1ptbr> <un> xxx </un> uma pesquisa aqui tudo que ela precisar você dá uma força {a research here everything she need you take care} </L1ptbr>

S1: ah ok ok ok

SX4: <L1ptbr> eu vou pra aula {i'm going to the class} <un> xxxx xxxx </un> pessoalmente {personally} </L1ptbr>

S1: <L1ptbr>ah valeu valeu {oh ok ok} </L1ptbr>

SX4: <L1ptbr>valeu(?) abração {thanks big hugs} </L1ptbr>

S1: <L1ptbr> xau {bye} </L1ptbr> (2)

S1: oh: man that’s crazy (1) like a few days ago there was a (1) an event here in <L1ptbr> letras </L1ptbr> with a guy who:: he made a research about in in a country called luxembourg (1) and they have like (.)  five (.) official languages or four


S1: yeah= which is like it’s like luxembourgish french (5) <camera noise> an:d ah english also (2) and also the language of the majority of there are like lot of immigrants from portugal so they also speak portuguese (.) and he was: talking about like how kids at school they learn so many languages and how the schools they act with (.) they work with those kids who are who has has to learn all those languages like in ghana in schools like how is it for kids to learn they all they the  the education is all:: {taught} in english (1) or not(?)

S2: yes

S3: yes

S1: yes(?)

S3: but {there are} local languages

S1: you have schools <12> local languages schools </12>

S3: <12> yes </12> <un> xxx </un>

S1: ah ahn::: <13> but in university </13>

S2: <13> depends on the region </13> like acra

S1: ah

S2: we have ga

S1: mhm

S2: kumasi you have <L1xx> xxx </L1xx>

S1: ah::::ham so people study those languages at school <14> <un> xxx </un>  </14> and at university(?)

S3: <14> yes </14> at university too

S1: also(?)

S3: yeah <15> we all <un> xxx xxx xxx </15> xxxx xxxx </un> languages {8:55 - 8:58}

S1: <15> ah::: </15> ah::: cool cool (.) that’s nice (2) i thought it was it was gonna be like only english and and

S2: the language <un> xxxx </un> in universities

S1: yeah

S2: portuguese <16> eh: </16> german (2) japanese <17> all many languages @@</17>

S1: <16> ah:::  </16>  <17> @@</17> <18> man that’s nice </18>

S2: <18> when you want to learn you convey a language </18>

S1: and you guys learned portuguese before (.) coming here(?) no (.) and you ever thought about <@> studying portuguese(?) </@> @@

S3: <soft> no </soft>

S2: <soft> no </soft>

S1: oh that’s funny . and you you think you gonna learn any other language after:

S3: yeah

S1: yeah(?)

S3: <soft> i want to learn german </soft>

S1: german(?) oh cool

S2: only french

S1: only french(?)

S2: yes only french

S1: <@> why only french(?) </@>

S2: i think i think it’s cool that’s all <19> than any other language </19>

S1: <19> yeah it’s cool it’s cool </19> <20> @@ </20>

S3: <20> @@ </20>

S2: <21> english portuguese that’s all </21>

S1: <21> english portuguese(?) </21>

S2: maybe <LNptbr> espanhol {spanish} </LNptbr> spanish

S1: <LNptbr> espanhol(?) {spanish} </LNptbr> mhm mhm mhm cool cool that’s nice (1) yeah it’s funny and you think you gonna:: after s:: well it’s still early to ask you that but like you think you could live in brazil after university  or just go back to your country or go to another country

S2: a depends (.) i don’t get a good job yet

S1: ah(?)

S2: it depends

S1: oh it depends

S2: when you get a good job <22> meet someone </22> <LNptbr> especial {special}</LNptbr>

S1: <22> yeah of course </22>

S2: you can stay here

{SX - 4 appears and a parallel conversation starts 10:32}

S1: hey hey [SX - 4 name ] how are you(?)

SX - 4: <L1ptbr> não entro na conversa não vou só escutar  {i'm not entering the conversatio i'm just listening} </L1ptbr><23> @@@@ </23>

S1: @@ <23> why you have to speak </23> @@ mhm so you saying(?)

S2: it depends

S1: oh yeah

S3: but for me i plan to going to: england

S1: england(?) oh cool you have fa do you have anyone from <24> your family in england(?) </24> yeah(?)

S2: <24> a few friends </24> a few friends

S1: you have friends(?)

S2: yes

S1: oh cool (3) like usually people from ghana they go to which country(?) when they go abroad to live(?)

S2: us

S1: us(?)

S3: us

S1: an:ham (1) because this this thing about brazilian people not everyone now before they went to portugal

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