Transcription 5

Context: English teachers from bilingual School

Place: Meeting room in Bilingual School from Salvador – Bahia

Situation: English teachers in informal conversation


S1: <fast> so i just had rap battle <clap> (.) well i didn’t have a rap battle (.) </fast>like my kids the (great ages) the middle school (.) kids they had a rap battle

S2: the girls or boys?

S1: both both and was <1> t’was mixed teams</1> i was like BLOWN away (.) like how like i didn’t think that <fast> these kids just could rhyme </fast> so i was just like WOW (.) you guys are pretty talented

S2: <1> <surprised sound>  </1> in portuguese or english?

S1: oh it was in english

S2: ah::::

S3: <2> wow </2>

S1: <2> yeah yeah </2> that is pretty good I was pretty pretty (.) pretty happy

S3: <soft> i saw <3> something </3> </soft>

S1: <3> it was HARD </3> like the first one the first the <4> the first group </4> there was two sets (.) there was two sets

S2: <4> who WON? </4>

S1: so the first set like there was clearly one (.) winner like [firstname1] [firstname1] was interesting at last but like she was GOOD (.) but the other seemed like had (.) a person rhyming plus they had like <fast> other people like b-boxing </fast> in the backgro:und and i-

S2: do you have video?

S1: no: I should’ve videoed i know <soft> it was amazing </soft> <5> i know i know i know </5>

S4: <5> <soft> why didn’t you? </soft> </5>

S3: i i am the witness i passed (.) <6> through a few times and I saw <un> xxxx </un> something </6>

S1: <6> yeah it was pretty good they got pretty intense </6> yeah yeah and the sets were pretty good too (.) but yeah

S2: wo::w that’s a cool Friday afternoon:

S1: yeah

S4: you should have taped i:t

S1: i know. i should’ve should’ve-

S2: -i watched a video of my tenth graders (.) when they were ninth graders (.) because they came to visit and made me a cake (2) to say good-bye:: (2)

S1: what kind of cake?

S2: uh:: [firstname2] made it (.) it was chocolate (.) <fast> it was homemade <fast> like (.) [FIRSTNAME2] <7> made it </7>

S1: <7> u:hm </7>

S4: chocolate with <8> brigadeiro </8>? @@@@

S1: <8> oh? </8> did you see did you see <9> the the: </9> [firstname3] and her big sister brought me

S4: <9> @@@ on top? </9>

S2: she gave me a piece because i was her teacher @@@

S1: <soft> oh my go::d <soft/> it was so GOOD-

S4: -<@> she did that? </@>

S1: so you could see <10> she had a lot cake </10> seemed like she put a lo:t 

S2: <10> it was her grandma who made it </10>

S3:  really?

S2: yeah (.) her grandma made it

S1: <11>yeah</11> it was really good (.) really good

S3: <11>it was? (1) with apples? </11>

S1: it was really good really good

S3: <soft> with apples? <soft>

S2: yeah <12> yes yeah yeah with apples and chocolate </12>

S1: <12> with apples <un> x <un> the (scrapes)  </12> did have apples ? <13>yeah it had apples</13>

S2: <13> she saw it </13> <points to S3> she saw it in the cafe

S3: <14>i saw a little crunches </14> you know? with apples -

S1:   <14> with grapes <14>  -yeah it was really good

S2: her sister and her grandma made it but her sister brought to school and i had her sister last year as a senior so <whispering> i got a piece <whispering>

S1: <15>@@ it was really good</15>

S3:    <15> @@ on top</15>

S2: i watched a video i was reminded of my they were like miss <imitating> my room miss my <un> xx <un> clothes </imitating> and i was like yes (1) <17>  yes <17> i absolutely remember when you started (it)

S4: <17>@@ <17> that horrible horrible <18>idea </18> oh my @@@

S2:  <18> oh that’s </18> no that’s one of my favorite memories about <19> them EVER </19> they legitimately (.) decided (.) they deCIded <fast> when  they were my ninth graders </fast> i got an email from [firstname4] [firstname4] was like <soft> oh </soft> today these students aren’t gonna be in your classroom but then they were so i <vibrating cellphone>(2) it happened two years now (.)  <to S4> right? >/to S4>  this is my second year in a roll having these kids in my classroom <fast> so i said </fast> oh why are you here? mister [lastname4]  said you weren’t gonna be but you´re HEre and they said (3) wow (3) there was an incident but everything is ok and i said what did you do? and they were like wow (2) like [firstname5] and [firstname6] <un> xxx </un> got into a fight and i said (3) <fast> how did they get into a fight?</fast> they’re FRIENDS <fast>wait a second</fast> i don’t understand <imitating> no i believe we were just cranky and they were annoyed so we decided we should just circle up and fight it out </imitating> they had rules they have RULES <20> my ninth graders </20>

S1: <19> @@@ </19>  <20> @@@ </20>

S2: <21>but I barely don’t know their first rules </21>


S2:   but they showed a video they have video of it that they showed me today i was like (2) yeah really

S4: @@@

S3: they did this for purpose?

S2: for fun <22>for fun  </22>

S4:     <22>yeah for fun </22>they had a <22>fight club </22>

S1:   <18>did you see  <18>have you seen fight club have you seen fight club before?

S3: YES (.) of course

S2: so a group of boys:: that i had boys last year decided <23> (2) <23> <24>to </24> circle up and in the magic tent (2) they picked two people (1) <25> yeah </25>they’re <loud>during lunch - </loud>

S4: <23>to</23>  <25>inside the schoo::l  </25>

S3: <24> to </24> -during?

S2: <loud> YEAH (.) they had lookouts @@ </loud>

S3: <soft> oh my god they’re so small </soft>

S2: <25> <voicechange> yeah it’s a cutie look out for all the cameras or we get caught the cameras and tell <un> xx </un> </voicechange> </25> @@@@@ the best was like <to S4> i didn’t tell you </to S4> was the excuse he gave [lastname5] when she found them (.) miss  [lastname5]  found them (.) and it was like (.) what you guys doing:: (1) i forgot this (.) [firstname6] looked (to her)  and said we were rolling in the grass to see who could go <26> <@> the fastest  </@> </26> <voicechange> and [lastname5]  said </voicechange> yeah? you better hope that is true cause i’m gonna check the video <voicechange> <un> xxx </un> </voicechange> @@@

Sx: <25>@@@@</25> <26> @@@ </26>

Sxx: @@@@

[someone enters the room]

S2: SUre (.) just add people

S4: hello hey [S5]


S2: where she finds you?

S4: <27> that’s a good mix </27>

S3: <27> she found you </27> nice to meet you

S4: yeah

S2: canada russia

S5: <to researchers> hi i’m [S5] nice to meet you </to researchers>

Researcher 1: hey [researchername1][researchername2]

Researcher 2: yeah

S5: ok

sx: @@@

S1:  we´re supposed to be in a conversation right now

S2: =yeah we’re supposed to be talking

S5: <fast> we’re supposed to be talking </fast> ok about what?

S2: nothing everything anything

S1: yeah

S4: whatever if you like

S3: rap boxing::

S5: and we’re being recorded (?)

S3: yeah

S5: ok good

S2: {unintelligible}

S4: <to S2> do you love me already or you hate me still? </to S2>

S2: i i can’t wait to leave here @@@ so angry with you that it’s exhausting

S3: oh why she hates you (?)

S5: <to S2> when are you leaving (?) </to S2>

S4: oh yesterday she said ah::: tonight i cannot say (.) but (.)  anything more but (.) tomorrow i’ll hate you @@@

S2: because i was (.)  having  ([firstname8])  for a (step) party and it was like eight o’clock (2) we’re oh:: <about S4> she was driving so she wasn’t drinking </about S4> (.) <29> <sofy> i really gonna hate you a lot in the morning </soft> </29>

Sx: <29>@@@</29>

S2: this one it was rough

S1: it was rough

S4: it WAS:: jesus

S2: and we were home by eight thirty we’re just old (1) <about S4> <@> she was so down <//@> </about S4>

S4: man and it it was SO SO hard to wake to wake up today and i was like jesus

S2: yes you left early (1) but i shouldn’t i didn’t have to offered you drink and i get home eight thirty <30> and </30> i feel horrible <31> for this one but i should </31> not i i was home eight thirty and i didn’t have THAT much to drink <32> so it wasn’t </32> stumbling  <33> or </33> anything just (step) party and nope none of us wanted to wake <34> up </34> this morning

S4: <30> yeah </30> <31> mhm </31> <32> exactly </32>

S3: <31> it’s thursday it’s thursday </31>  <33> mhm </33>

S5: <34> so </34> everyone was there (?)

S4: yeah

S2: yeah

S4: <to S5> why didn’t you come (?) why didn’t you come (?) </to S5>

S5: i: had to picked up my kids from school (.) a:nd we were driving straight to <un> xx </un> five o’clo:ck the ti:me

S2: oh it sounds good

S5: =yea:h(.) then we have karate to go to: me my wife and my so:n

S1: : <to S5> you go together (?) </to S5> {S5 nods his his head} NIce

S5: two of us in the ca:r with the yellow belt now

S4: <35> oh wow </35>

S1: <35> NIce </35>

S5: =yeah

S1: actually i (won) from my kicking box <36>and </36> my next level is yellow

S2: <36>yellow </36> =yeah you (got it)

S1: = yeah yeah

S2: no promises but i’m gonna try it in case i don’t {unintelligible} school

S5: <to S1> how long have you been <un> xx </un> (?) </to S1>

S1: uh:: i started in i only started in october something like that

S5: <to S1> and you <un> xx xx </un> (?) </to S1>

S1: =yeah 

S5: =where (?)

S1: [org1] in <un> xxx </un> it’s right beside my apartment so clearly:=

S5: =so why why kicking box there was some other option or:=

S1: =uh: it  just worked out with my schedule  a:::nd uh::

S3: =he has a lot of things things

S1: i have a lot of things it (has) worked with my schedule and my <un> xx </un> condition <37>i:ng </37> {unintelligible}

S5: <37> nice </37> it’s a martial art and box so i always (keep thinking about) kicking box i never tried

S1: it’s FUN i like it

S5: =mhm

S1: yeah i’m enjoying it (1) i like my sensei he’s a good guy=

S2: =</38> he’s hysterical </38> 

S5: <38> @@@ </38> 

S1: =yeah he’s funny but super <39> <un> xxx </un> </39> but he’s fun (?)

S5: <39> <un> she xx xxx </un> </39>  she does too {points to S2} she does kicking box too (?)

S1: =yeah yeah

S2: = i tried @@ <@> {points to S1} (he’s) the one who found it i was angry </@>

S4: <40> @@ </40>

S3: <40> @@ </40>

S2: <@> i wanted to hit something i care less <un> x </un> </@> i teach juniors and seniors (.) juniors and seniors i j- she’s you need a (outline) (.) <41>a</41>nd crossfit

S5: <41> yes </41> =crossfit is super intense

S2: i LOve crossfit <42> it’s </42> my favorite but  uh just [firstname 9] and i moved and it wasn’t as easy to get to so i looked for something else you know (.) equally as I had to started figuring out stuff for china: and all of sudden i just =

S5: <42> yeah </42> =wait wait you’re in china (?)

S2: <soft> yeah </soft>

S3: she’s moving to china

S5: to CHINA (?)

S2: i’m moving to china                                                                

S5: wait where

S2: [place1]

S5: where’s that (?) it’s close to what <un> xx </un> (?)

S2: it’s two and a half hour bullet train from xangai 

S5: bullet train.

S2: apparently that’s how they call the faster train <43> that’s what they call the fast </43>

S3: <43> <@> bullet train </@> </43> @@ <44> something far far away </44>

S4: <44> yeah yes it is it is </44>

S1: i <un> xx </un> bullet train in japan and is <un> xx </un>

S2: =yeah I don’t i don’t know i’ll know more when=

S3: <45> you gonna find out </45>

S5: <45> have you ever been to china before (?) </45>

S2: no.

S5: wow

S3: tell the list tell him about the list th-they gave you <46> it has <un> xx </un></46>

 S2: <46> @@@@@ </46>

S4: it’s an <un> x </un>

S2: it’s not appropriate it’s not an appropriate story <about the researchers> <47> they </47> would have to be= </about the researchers>

S3: <47> so </47>

S4: no: <48>i </48> don’t know i-i think only adults will hear <49>this so </49> <50>I don’t think there is a problem (.) at all so. </50>

S2:<48> the </48> <49>the-the list</49> <50> the list </50>so this <un> x </un> gave a list of what to bring (2) and i was (.) feeling (punchy) in the day i was reading it (.) that’s why i was telling everybody what it said because i’m getting <un> x </un> i’m gonna be celibated and have an eating disorder <51> by the end of </51> year for this list t-the very first thing the list says is <voicechange> clothing (.) women’s clothes </voicechange>  size’s ten is larger <loud> like the list said </loud> what is difficult to find in china

S4: <51> @@ </51> wo::w

S5: why why eating disorder (?) 

S2: b-because i’m size SIX <52> right (?) so (1)</52> < 53> i’m actually a size i’m size eight </53> right now (.) right (?) so you’re literally putting me in a country where i’m considered obese right  (?) <54> like </54> they- <fast>that’s what i’m saying </54>  i’m currently in th-the united states features i’m eight (.) if i’m gonna (cross it i’m gonna be a obvious) six (1) ten and above can’t be purchased there <55>cause nobo</55>dy is that LARge

S5: <52> a::h right </52> <53>{unintelligible} </53>  <54> oh yeah </54>

S4: <55>oh my god </55>

S3: because they’re <56> skinny </56>=

S2: =right so {unintelligible} and then it’s

S4: <56> i’m a te::n </56> i’m a TE:N i cannot go the <57>re</57>

S2: <57>no </57> (.) no you’re larger <58><un> x </un> </58> ok good (.) so the second one on my list said uh: women’s shoes are size’s eight and above right (?) <59> (.) </59> i’m a seven

S3: <to S2> (continue) </toS2>

S4: <59> ok </59> that’s ok i’m a seven too

S5: really you got to learn (thai chi:) <60>ku</60>ng fu:

S2: <60>wow</60> because {unintelligible} <fast> this is she is what <aboutS3> she’s mentioning about the list </fast> and it gets worse as you go through right (?) </aboutS3> and it’s something the end is what she wants me to talk about because then it was like (.) healthy beauty and it was like every: (.) every: over the <un> xxx </un> medicine that you guys know to (end) niprol diprol tylenol advil  like(.) apparently  the it has only <un> x xx </un> are legal in china so (i can) until you can get your prescript- it’s not the- literally there are just like basically you know (biocines)  like bio  drug story (.) it’s <un> xx xx </un> the last one (.) on the list (.) <soft> <fast> and that’s cause i was having a bad day </fast> </soft>  <61> (1) </61>the last one on the list says condoms extra la- it says extra larges condoms ie fifty three millimeters <62> right (?) </62> (.)<fast> i was having a bad day i wasn’t thinking logically </fast> <63> {unintelligible} </63> so @ <@> <fast> i got a ruler </fast> </2> because i’m a bad teacher so first i was like <64> fifty (?) {makes a shocked face} you know </64> i you know i still <65> <un> xx xx </un> </65> <toS5> no (you’ll see) <toS5> </66> (1) </66> <aboutS3> <67> the rea</67>son she’s asking this story is cause i wasn’t being logical that day </aboutS3> (.) so you get a bunch of us girls sitting around going {makes confused face} that doesn’t make any SENse and i was like MAYBE IT’S CIRCUMFERENCE until i get a piece of paper like {S2 takes a paper on the table and forms a cylinder] that (.) doesn’t (.) make (.)any(.) sense <68> (2)  it was just a </68> bunch of us girls trying to figure this out and finally i’m like [FIRSTNAME10] DID YOU KNOW IT (?) and [firstname10] going seriously honey it’s diameter <69> @@@@@ </69> <@> all of us girls were like </@> i was like <voicechange> i think i’m gonna be a (nun) i give up i’m not gonna <70> fit in <un> xx </un> </70> i-i’m going can’t i’m not {unintelligible} like (.) this is the worst decision </voicechange> EVER @@ <@> <fast> </soft> and then i was like you’re being ridiculous </soft> <fast> </@>

S3: <toS2> tell him the end </toS2> <61> @@@ </61>

S4: <61> @@@ </61> <62> oh::: my god </62> <63>oh my GO:D </63> <64> o::w jesus </64>

S5: <65> <toS2> i have to correct you <toS2> </65> <66> <@> oh: ok </@> </66>

S3: <67>late she late she found out </67>

S5: <67> @@ </67>

S4: <68> @@@@ </68> <69> @@@@ </69>

S3: < 69> @@@@ <69>

S4: <70> @@@ </70> but yeah but sti:ll i mean if they don’t sell <71> (2) that (.) size (.) means </71>

S2: <71> i think it’s <un> xx </un> i think it’s an exaggeration </71>

S3: i think so too (.) they have (.) their medicine

S2: like moving here it (hr) does a really good job but the girls like if you ask about what keep you like (.) when [firstname11] and i first ca<72>me</72> here we yelled every minute because [firstname12] and [firstname13] will tell you (.) do not walk out the street by yourself after dark <73> (.) </73> right? [firstname10] and i was like i don’t  understand cause dark is seven pm this is ridiculous <soft> <fast> i know but like it’s not safe for you americans we were like i don’t understand your point right no:w but i’m not going <74> to be at this time locked in my home </fast> </soft> </74>

S4: <72>mhm </72>

S3: <73> YES i know </73> <74> they still tell me don’t go </74> with your kid anyway <75>if </75> you {unintelligible}

S2: <75>right </75>  (i can tell you you’re talking about) [firstname10] and i we within two weeks we were chasing (down) the bus right (?) <76> (.) </76> {unintelligible} <77> (.) </77> like we adapted <78> (.) </78> we may decide what – what you feel it’s safe and what is not but I think that this list is probably (.) similar <79> (.) </79> right (?) you have to take to consideration you your (audience) (.) some international teachers are going to have a (1) difficult time (.) adjusting <80> (.) </80> more than others and so i don’t think it’s like you can’t find them (.) i think it’s (.) more of a (.) they’re not gonna be in every store kind of thing right (?) <81> li </81>ke they’re not gonna be as readily available (.) as <82> (.) </82> as you’re used to (.) and so (better) you do want them to be happy so better safe than sorry (.) right (?) when americans makes lists of things to tell the incoming teachers if you were them what do you would want to know like (.) apparently that was the list <83> (2) </83> i just i <84> i just </84> had a rough day that day so

S4: <@> <76> mhm </76> </@> <77> hm: </77> <78> yeah </78> <79> mhm </79>  <80>yeah </80> <81> hm: </81> <83> @@@@ </83>

S3: <79> yeah </79> <un> xxx </un> <83> @@@ </83>

S1: <82> yeah </82>

S4: <84> i jus- </84> i just wish i met the person who mentioned the:: condoms (.) <85>because (.) that person </85>

S2: <85> i can’t (.) i can’t cause like </85> <loud> who puts that on the list </loud> @@ <@> like who puts </@>

S4: how could i not find an extra-large one

S2: i also get the feeling that birthing pills is not as (.) as easy like (.) that’s not

S3: i don’t kno:w

S2: i don’t know

S1: i think (in fact) that would be there <86> because</86> of the problem with the population <87> so you </87> think they would want <88>(.) </88> the birth control to be <un> xx </un> there <89> (.) </89> readily available

S3: <86> yeah because </86>  <87> exactly they </87> <88> yeah </88> <89>uhum </89>

S2: <soft> that’s true </soft> and they say that they changed the rule the kill {unintelligible} now

S5: yeah (.) i think so as well <90> (.) </90> (before it was more) one child right (?) <un> x </un>

S4: <90> yeah </90>

S3: <91> yes</91>

S2: <91> yeah </91> it used to be girls <92> (2) female babies </92> female babies were being killed (.) so the family the family could have a male child (.) oh my god (other than that is just) <un> xx </un> you can travel like

S4: <92>i don’t know you should probably get an id </92>

S3: you’ll see

S1:  there’s a really good place in china for {unintelligible} but is like is like {unintelligible} it’s a who:le it’s all <un> xxx </un> <93> (.) </93> <94> {unintelligible} </94>

S2: <93> <fast> yeah yeah yeah </fast> </93> <94> it’s (what) my (cousin) said </94> he said (.)when i suggested {unintelligible} to china <95> (1) </95> he said (.) i’m down by to <un> xx </un> in the (pandas) i’m guessing that’s  {unintelligible} i uh (.) tried <fast> (to put this on my list) </fast> so

S1: <95> he did something like that (?) {unintelligible} </95>

S5: so there is anything you’re looking forward {unintelligible}

S4: <96> @@@ </96>

S3: <96> @@@ </96>

S2: <96> @@@ </96> uh (1) <fast> i’m looking forward to the first time in fifteen years having a class full of kids who like the subject i’m teaching them </fast> (1) right (?) they need see (ob) (.) place where

S5: <97> yeah </97> {unintelligible} they won’t show they didn’t like it

S2: no no no NO <98> (.) </98> this is china they actually like (math) they have to like right (?) like they have to enjoy it uh (.) i mean it would be nice my biggest issue with these students <fast> is for asking other people {unintelligible} what your big issue teaching is </fast> <@> like it wouldn’t even been these kids wouldn’t even considered (.) talking back at you i was [firstname13] said the other day (.) that he heard when he worked (.) i think he was in vietna:m (1) <soft> damn it i don’t remember </soft> but he he was <un> xx xx </un> (.) and he heard rumors about this kid (.) i was like everybody knew <un> xx </un> so much trouble  he caused of {unintelligible} (.) uh and he heard about this child all about about this child and he was like I tried to intercede in la i got i got (to there) THIS IS THE KID (?) (.) <@>this is what you considered a problem right now(?) like you you might wanna go travel to other countries like (.) he said there are the definition of (.) of (.) you know trouble is

S5: <98> @@@ </98>

S1: {unintelligible} so

S2: which i find really interesting when you tell me they don’t do <un> xx </un> like finest like i mean i i really am looking I’m looking forward (.) it’s difficult i wasn’t ready to move here so it’s difficult to say goodbye to people when I was not ready to say goodbye to you <fast> i was talking to her {points to S4} and there were tears in our eyes </fast>  but I’m really looking forward to teach them <un> xxx xx </un> you know like (.) so (.) it’s difficult to be positive about china because i’m (.) trying to enjoy <un> xx </un> my time here (1) while i say that i’m really looking forward to learn the <un> xxxx </un> in the culture right (.) it’s just completely different (.) it’s completely in the other side of world <fast> it’s completely something i’m not used to i’m not comfortable: </fast> my hair will be a normal color for the first time in like ten yea:rs <99> (2) </99> an-

S5: <99> mhm </99>

S4: no pierce:ngs

S2: uuh i’m going to put the <un> xx </un> back instead of the ones i usually have <100> (.) </100> i’ll take my time (out) and my time (is like) twenty years old <101> {unintelligible} </101> (.) uh but like this idea like they have this real <un> xxx </un> respect for elders (1) but then: (2) you know there’s no lives there’s no sense of horror (.) and men will shove women out of the way <102> (.) </102> to get you know how’s that

S4: <100> mhm </100> <101> mhm: </101> <102> yeah </102>

S5: in china (?) {S2 nods head}

S1: uh i don’t know i-i was like uh {smacks mouth} i was really in korea i mean like (.) i can’t really speak for the the chinese but in korea the koreans korean i mean they’re (inherited) they rude but they’re not intentionally rude <103> (1) right (?) so: </103> i don’t know how that would apply in china

S2: <102> they yeah yeah there’s difference absolutely </102>  yeah but like [firstname14] was saying when he was there (.) he said you’re like he is like he said you (.) you know there’s times you feel like it’s an (exhibit) but they’re not trying to be rude <103>the</103>you’re really are just naturally curious and they’re so (big) and so honest for so long that he’s like i would go to grocery store (he was saying) i would go to the grocery store like and people would walk up and stare at my car and he was like yeah <loud> I eat TOO </loud> <104> (.) </104> like like very interested  in what he was buying or what he was doing

S4: <103> mhm </103> <104> @@ </104>

S3: a girl i went to beijin  and a girl in the supermarket and she just hugged me {mimics a hug} (2) first it was funny ok but=

 S2: which is interesting <105>cau</105>se they’re not a cultural hug<106>ers </106>

S3: <105> yeah </105> <106> it was in beijin </106>

S1: <106> i used to have my arms hugs all the time </106> <107> all the time </107>

S2: <107> because they </107> right

{unintelligible conversation}

S2: right right but then right and again in {unintelligible} cross these roots (.) right (?) but in their culture (.) they’re just (naturally) curious right (?) my concern is the (.) is the (.) the (.) the conservative bubble (.) conservative right (?) cause they’re always say americans are are <fast> cold and resilient but i got here and everybody hugged me and i was like </fast> I’M HOME HUGS HUGS HUGS {mimics many hugs} i didn’t have any adjustment issues in brazil (.) i was just fine with the (.) the culture here and the idea like you know (.) all my kids give me hugs goodbye today (.) maybe three hugs you know (.) [firstname15] <un> xx </un> every day (.) every day

S3: that’s a cute one

S2: <108> yeah yeah </108>

S4: <108> what about the touching (?) </108> what about the touching (?) <109> everyone wines about that (1) </109> because we touch a lot

S2: <109> it’s not (.) they do that </109>  you know no it cracks me out I lo- like <fast> literally it took it took the first couple of months with [firstname15]  because he’s like six foot {unintelligible} (1) but every morning he would walk into my class and i i got three hugs and kisses from [firstname15]  every day for last years <110> (1) </110> one in the morning when he walk into my class (.) one as he walk out of my class and one as when he saw me at lunch <fast> because he’s so much taller than i even in four inch heels </fast> (.) uh he would drop a kiss on top of my head (like) i’m his TEAcher (.) in the first couple of months i was like (.) the american (.) like you’re a male student {unintelligible} you’re hugging me right now and I’m smaller than you are (.) why did you keep just kissing me on top of my head <111> (1) </111> and then after three months i saw him is in charge with these other teachers and he was the sa<112>me </112> (.) but that’s was an american teaching thing <113> (.) </113> like in the united states like i got trouble to give high fives one day <114> (.) </114> because there’s a line between students and teacher and i was like (you got to remind) right now like it is an encouragement (.) and they enjoy it (.) i was (in) running around {unintelligible} like <115> {mimics a high five} </115>you get a (car) you get a (like oprah) like <un> xx </un> nope (.) but you have to work (your) your personality so (1) the touch doesn’t bother me (.) right (?) i mean (.) we’re doing carnival and suddenly a guy grabs my hand <116>right</116> (?) you let me do <117> {grabs own hand} </117> <@> it’s a problem </@> <118>(.) </118> but then how do you know (.) ask you should ask {unintelligible} thirty seconds i said i’m never leaving this place (if only) because i’ve never been happier in my life {unintelligible} i’m so serious {unintelligible} <119>he was like ok </119> (that’s the end)

S4: <110> oh wow </110> <111> @@@ </111>

S3: <111> @@@ </111> <112> the same </112> <113> mhm </113>

S4: {shocked face} <114> REALLY (?) </114> <115> @@@ </115>

S3: <115> @@@ </115>

S5: <115> @@@ </115>

S4: <116> of course (.) yeah</116> <117> yes </117> <118> yes </118> <119> @@@@@ </119>

S5: guys i apologize <120> {starts standing up} </120> i have to go <121> (.) </121> i’m so sorry <to reasearchers> that’s ok (?) </to researchers>

{researchers nod their heads}

S3: <120> yeah </120> <121> me too </121>

S4: {unintelligible}

S2: i was here longer than you have


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