Transcription 8


Context: Language Practicing Group

Place: Federal University of Bahia

Situation: They begin to talk about an experience that one of them had to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires. After that, they talked about whether there.


Time: 1:11min
Words: 203


S1: i agree with you i agree with you because i study spanish too

S2: yeah

S1: but(.) mhm  (2) but(.) mhm i study spanish too (2) but the mhm but the good opportunity of practice spanish(.) i i i  mhm i had (2) i i had i i had mhm at saturday today


S1: on saturday du du (.) du du during a travel with a with during a travel to buenos aires

S2: MHM  that is beautiful (rise intonation) beautiful (.) buenos aires is (2) is very cool

S1: <1>yeah</1>

S2: <1>is very<1> good you had a chance to practice there right?

S1: yes very very very very cold too @@@ 

S2 YEAH it’s quite a bit for sure

S1: very very cold very very cold(.) NINE yeah but ni ni <2>nine nine<2>

S2: <2>nine nine<2> that’s <loud>cold</loud>  that’s not cold for me that’s not cold for me in my city can be negative nine negative nine (2)

S1: can be please?

S2: can be negative nine (3) <3>nine<3> below zero

S1: <3><loud>mhm</loud><3> negative nin- ?  <spel>o m g</spel>

S2: @@@

S1: o o o i don’t support

S2: @@@@ i know

S1: <spel>o m g</spel> baby 

S2: @@@

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