Name BIO Lattes
Lucielen Porfirio Lucielen Porfirio is a professor Department of Germanic Languages – Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). She has been teaching English for about 15 years. She also has MA in Linguistics from Paraná West State University (UNIOESTE) and a Phd in Language and Culture in Bahia Federal University (UFBA). Main research for PhD included the process of reading and its relation to communicative competence of language students (mother tongue), considering all the aspects that permeate language during classroom interactions and the reading process. However, right after finishing PhD, interests on studying English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) has increased and readings and researches on the relation of ELF and teaching context have been developed. Currently, her interests have been on the development of an empirical bases for ELF researches in Bahia and Brazil by the construction of a Corpus. This Project is called BraCE (Brasil Corpus of English), and as the main leader of the group, she has been developing meetings to discuss and reflect about all the topics envolving the construction of ELF Corpus - BraCE. If you may have any interest for discussions on these topics you can contact me by sending a message to: Link do lattes
Name BIO Lattes
Ana Beatriz Almeida Ana Beatriz Almeida is a graduating student. She's studying English as a Foreign Language at Federal University of Bahia. She became part of the group English as a Lingua Franca: criticism, attitude and identity in her first semester and fell in love with the idea. There she heard about BraCE - Brazil Corpus of English and got a scholarship to be part of the project for at least an year. E-mail: Link do lattes
Daniel Vasconcelos Daniel Vasconcelos is a professor at Faculdades Dom Pedro II (Dom Pedro II College) and also at Faculdade São Salvador (São Salvador College). He has an English degree from UFBA (Bahia Federal University) and a Law degree from UCSal (Salvador Catholic University). He's specialized in Public Law, Fundamental Rights, and he has recently finished his Masters in Applied Linguistics, Linguistic Imperialism, from UFBA's Post-Graduation Program, “Language and Culture”. He has been studying English since he was 7 years old, and he loves it. He tries to combine Social Sciences such as Law, International Relations, Economy and Linguistics Policies with English Language Teaching (ELT) and English as Lingua Franca (ELF). Email: Link do lattes
Felipe Ribeiro Felipe Ribeiro has a Bachelor Degree in English Language from Bahia Federal University (UFBA) in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He worked as a teacher at an extension course of the Department of Germanic Languages of our Institute and as a temporary teacher for the same Department for two years, and has been giving private lessons and working as a secondary school teacher at Colégio Anchieta for nearly four years. Being especially interested in the unceasing spread of English throughout the world and its political, cultural and pedagogical significance to the Brazilian context, he became a member of the research group entitled “English as a Lingua Franca: Criticism, Attitude and Identity”, coordinated by Professor Domingos Sávio Siqueira. He is especially interested in investigating how the teaching of English has been happening in diverse contexts (private, public and academic scenarios) under the perspective of ELF. Feel free to contact him and share ideas: Link do lattes
Juliana Silva Juliana holds a Master's degree from the Language and Culture Post-Graduation Program at Bahia Federal University (UFBA). She also has a B.A. in English Teaching from the same university. Lately, she has been teaching private lessons and participating in BraCE (Brazil Corpus of English) data collection and development. From 2013-2015, she worked as a substitute (or temporary) professor for the Germanic Languages Department at Bahia Federal University. As a volunteer researcher since 2010, she has been a member of the group "English as a Lingua Franca: criticism, attitude and identity" certified by CNPq and coordinated by Dr. Sávio Siqueira. Her area of interest in research for the monograph and MA thesis was attitude towards Brazilian accents of English, their intelligibility, ideological and pedagogical implications. Currently, she has been working on the elaboration of her PhD research project which is going to be about strategies for intelligibility used by Brazilian speakers of English in multilingual interactions. E-mail: Link do lattes
Milena Silva Milena Silva Conceição is a graduating student of Foreing Languages at Federal University of Bahia. She has been an English teacher for around two years. She has been having the great opportunity to know more about the rich language she teaches with the group English as a Lingua Franca: criticism, attitude and identity.
Nilcéia Monteiro Nilcéia Monteiro has been teaching English in Brazil for more than 15 years, at least 10 of them in a public school. She's interested in everything related to the teaching/learning process and also its cultural aspects, mainly through cross-culture elements (Brazilian and the English language realities). She's also a specialist in English Teaching Methodology and its relationship with technology. Concerning the study of English as Lingua Franca, she still considers herself a beginner - and she loves the opportunities of learning new topics and listening to different points of view. She's the kind of person who thinks that the more you study about something, the less you really know about it - learning is a constant process and she does appreciate challenges. Feel free to contact her and share some ideas. E-mail: Link do lattes
Ravana Amorin Ravanna Amorim Santos is a graduating student at Federal University of Bahia, studying English as a Foreign Language. Because of her passion of English and its incredible and vast representations, in her third semester she became part of the group "English as a Lingua Franca: criticism, attitude and identity". There she knew the BraCe - Brazil Corpus of English and was invited to be part of the project. Feel free to contact her if you want. E-mail: Link do lattes
Roberta Peixoto Roberta Peixoto has a degree in Portuguese and English from Bahia State University (UNEB), Santo Antonio de Jesus, Bahia, Brazil. She's a teacher in the state public school system in the capital city of Salvador. She chose to be a language teacher because she thinks education is the most democratic area in the public services realm. She has MA in Language and Culture at Bahia Federal University (UFBA) and nowadays she's taking her PhD. in Language and Culture also at UFBA. Besides her general interest in English as a global lingua franca, she's also interested in the relationship between ELT and educational technologies in Brazilian public schools. To talk to her, please send a message to Link do lattes