Transcription conventions are always of core importance in a Corpus collection. It needs to suit the reality of spoken interactions as efficiently as possible, they need to be understood by different researchers and also. 

We are not the first group to construct a corpus of ELF. As a matter of fact there are different corpus available for LF research (basically in English), such as VOICE (Vienna Oxford International Corpus of English) , ELFA (English as a Lingua Franca in Academic Settings) and ACE (Asian Corpus of English).  VOICE, led by Barbara Seidlhofer, was the first project of Corpus Collection and for being a pioneer in the field, we are going to follow the extensive VOICE corpus conventions ( In order to make it as clear as possible, when it is necessary, we may provide additional mark ups as we may have very local uses of English in Brazil.

Also, it's important to mention that the proposal here includes one corpus also in Spanish as a Lingua Franca and conventions may change according to special needs of these interactions. However, às a point of start, we follow the same conventions for both corpora, English and Spanish. 

The references for the transcription conventions we are using for BraCE corpus follows:

VOICE Project. 2007. "Mark-up conventions". VOICE Transcription Conventions [2.1].

VOICE Project. 2007. "Spelling conventions". VOICE Transcription Conventions [2.1].